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THE MANE STREET FAQ files (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Mane Street is an online community and like all communities we do our best to assist our members and guests by helping everyone make your time here pleasant, and informative.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions we receive about our web site and services, along with their answers. If you don't find the answer to your question here however, please don't hesitate to contact  our Staff.


What is The Mane Street?
The Mane Street is one of the fastest growing online equestrian community's. Our site offers equestrian classifieds, extensive discussion forums, stallion listings, business listings, and articles. Informative, friendly and supportive, our discussion forums are always growing, and extremely helpful to equestrians of all kinds.

Is The Mane Street a Canadian or American Web Site?
The Mane Street is currently owned and operated  in Virginia.  Since The Mane Street has members from not only Virginia but many other areas of the U.S. plus Canada,  we therefore consider ourselves a North American site. We have members and guests visiting daily from all over North America and beyond, including Europe, Australia and the UK

How Big is The Mane Street For Those Interested in Advertising?
The Mane Street is a very large, active equestrian web site, in terms of hits, visitors, and forum members and we continue to grow daily.   We will try to keep up-to-date information on our general site statistics on the homepage.   For our web site size we continue to offer some of the best online advertising rates for businesses and for private ads too. You just can't go wrong by being listed here, be it your business, your stallion, or your horse for sale, we'll bring viewers to your ads!

What Does The Mane Street Do for the Equestrian Community?
The Mane Street provides a central location for equine lovers to meet, discuss important, and not so important issues that relate to horse ownership, riding, the love of horses and their care. We are a source of information that can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our forums are a link to thousands of members and guests who can help with almost any and every equine and related problem. The Mane Street also offers discount advertising rates for some equine rescues, and free advertising to others in our classifieds.

What Can We Do To Help The Mane Street Grow?
Spread the word. There is no better advertising than word of mouth, so please, tell your friends and their friends about our web site. We have always believed in the saying "The More the Merrier" as it truly does apply here. More members and visitors means more information, support, and more views for our advertisers, business and private.


What Is That Picture on the Left Side of the Posts, Under the Member Name?
These images are called Avatars. They are just a little added fun on the forums, and help give members a bit or personality.
Some members like to use pictures of their horses, themselves, their pets and so forth. The image you choose is up to you.

How Do I Add an Avatar?
Adding an avatar is as easy as uploading an image. Simply click "My Controls" on the forums (remembering of course that you must be a member and logged in) then click on "Edit Avatar Settings" down the left hand side of the page below the heading "Personal Profile."
A new page will open up for you where you can choose to upload an image by clicking the "browse" button and finding the image you have chosen to use on your hard drive. One you have located the image you want to use, click the "Open" button, and that will upload your image to our server. Once done, click "Update Avatar" at the bottom of the page. To view your new image, you will also need to hit the "Refresh Button" on your internet browser. Please note that your new Avatar must be appropriate for all ages or it will be removed.

I Changed My Avatar But I Am Still Seeing The Old One, Why?
Usually clicking the refresh button will enable you to view your new avatar. If not, then try clearing your temporary internet files. To do this simply click on the "Tools" button on your internet browser, then click "Options" and select, "clear temporary internet files". If this does not help, and you still can't see your new avatar, then email:  Staff

How Do I Change My "title" From Member to Something Personal?
From the forums, click "My Controls" and then select "Edit Profile Info" under the "Personal Profile" heading on the left hand side. A new page will come up, and at the top of it you will see your current "title." Go ahead and change that to your new "personal title" (you can also change the other personal info on that page if you choose) then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Amend My Profile" and you are done. Please note that your personal title must be suitable for viewing by all ages.

How Can I Change My Member Name? The only way you can change your member name is to contact  an administrator (The administrators are LauraM and Stauffer). You can do this via the PM system on the forums or by e-mailing  Laura at or Stauffer  Please remember we are an all age, family site when selecting your member name.

How Can I Change My Password and/or Email?
You can change your password and your email in your User's CP.

What are Infractions and What Happens if I Get One?
Infractions are points given to members for conduct and postings that are in violation of TMS Rules and Terms of Service. When an infraction is applied to your account, it will add a point(s) to your account, the exact number of which will depend on the seriousness of the infraction and staff discretion. Some points will eventually expire, some will remain forever, again, depending on the seriousness of the infraction. When an account receives three points, a temporary ban of one day will automatically be imposed by the system. When an account reaches four points, the temporary ban is three days. When an account reaches five points, the ban is for seven days. Five total infractions of any kind, regardless of total accumulated points, will result in a permanent ban.

Why Am I Getting Pop Up Ads On TMS?
The Mane Street does not now, or ever support the use of Pop Up advertising in any form. If you are getting pop up ads while using The Mane Street web site it its because you have at some point downloaded (from another site without your knowledge or consent) "Spy ware." To get rid of these programs install either "SuperAntiSpyware" or "AntiMalwareBytes." Both are free programs that can be downloaded from many places on the internet, just do a search for either on Google. Once you install them, run them frequently, each week is best. They will remove the unwanted spy programming from your computer. The Mane Street staff will never approve of such advertising on our site, for any profit being offered. Pop up ads are an intrusion, and Spy ware is in our opinion a violation of privacy.

If you still suspect you have spyware on your computer, you can get expert, fast, friendly, FREE help for spyware problems as well as any other computer problems by going to the Tech Support Guy website and presenting your problem on the forums there.  You can get to that website by clicking on the Tech Support Guy banner link on the TMS Homepage ( left column). 

When We Send PM's Can The Administration Read Them?
The answer is yes, IF we wanted to create a mass amount of work for ourselves. PM's go through our web site data base from one member to another. To read one would mean searching through a massive amount of information, and this is something we are not about to do. Your PM's on The Mane Street are therefore as private as they are on any other site you visit. Is should be noted that all forum administrators who understand databases have the same capabilities, and the option is there for emergency situations such as complaints, abuses of our system, members and such. Only in EXTREME cases of member or system abuse would we need to access such information.   We feel it is your right to complete privacy when using our PM system.

When We Send E-mails, Can the Administration Read Them?
As with PM's we also have the capability to read e-mails sent from member to member. Again, this is a capability that is available to EVERY forum Administrator and is there for serious cases of abuse of our system, or of our members.  Again, the option is there for emergency situations such as complaints, abuses of our system, members and such. Only in EXTREME cases of member or system abuse would we need to access such information. We feel it is your right to complete privacy when using our e-mail system.

How can I add my location under my member name?
To add your location under your member name, simply click on "My Controls" then "Personal Profile" and then "Edit Profile Info." The page that opens is your "Personal Profile" on The Mane Street. Edit the info as you like then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Amend Profile" and you are finished.

I Don't Want People To Know When I am Active On the Forums, Is That Possible?
Yes, you can appear "Invisible" by clicking the box beside the "Privacy" option when you log in.

Is There A Limit To The Size Of Signatures You Can Have?
Yes, there is a limit, but its pretty big, and can accommodate more than a few lines of text. We would prefer that people use no more than 3 or 4 lines especially if they post often. Reading down entire songs or poems in post after post does get to be a bit of overkill after a while.

Can I Have A Picture or Banner Link In My Signature?
Yes, so long as it is small and discreet.  Huge images will be removed.

Can I Have My Business Name and a Link To Our Web Site In My Signature?
Yes, with in reason. Obviously we do have "paid" business advertising, with much better exposure available, so we are a little more picky as to just how much info we allow in signatures on our forums.

Why Does TMS Take So Long To Load Sometimes?
There are many answers to this, and one may apply to your computer. First, time of day, sometimes internet connections are slower than at others if you are using them at peak times. You may need to clear your "Temporary Internet Files," as once full, they have a hard time storing additional pages of information. To clear them, go to the "Tools" function on your Internet Browser, then click "Options" and select, clear temporary internet files. This just takes a minute or two but can have a huge impact on the speed that pages load at. Also, if you have many programs open, that can slow things down, as can threads with many images in them. If its something that's happening all the time, and clearing the cache doesn't help, check your computer for spy ware with "Lava soft Ad aware" or "Spybot Search and Destroy." Spy ware picked up on some internet sites can be a killer on computer speed, and can also give you those annoying pop up ads while you are browsing.   If you are still having usage problems, and the administration has determined that it is NOT a TMS problem, we suggest that you go to The Tech Support Guy forums for help.  You can get to those forums by clicking the banner link for Tech Support Guy on the TMS Homepage (bottom left). 

I Typed A Post But Its Not Showing Up, What's Up With That?
Unfortunately, sometimes we need to put members on "Moderation." Simply this means that for one reason or another, (which you would have been informed of) we have decided that your posts will need to be read and approved before they show up on the web site. Generally this happens in cases of member disputes, abuse of our forums, or for other reasons. We will always give a member a warning prior to taking action against them, and the best way to stay off "Moderation Status" is to post with in our forum guidelines. You can read our forum terms of use and guidelines by clicking on that link at the top of our forums. Posts on "Moderation Status" are viewed several times a day, and if they are within the forum guidelines will be added to the forums. Once you have been on "Moderation" and have made several posts that are appropriate, you can contact Laura Martlock via PM and discuss being taken off "Moderation Status."

I had a thread started, but now it's not there, What happened?
Usually missing threads are a result of one of two things....they may have been moved to a more appropriate forum, or they have been deleted. We do not delete threads often, however, it does happen, and we don't as a rule post a warning or inform members when this happens. On the rare occasion, an error in our server may result in a thread going missing, however that is extremely unlikely.

I can't stay logged in, what's wrong?
Be sure that your internet browser is set to accept cookies, or at least choose to accept them from The Mane Street when you register, and that you use the "remember me" choice when you log into the forums.  It could also be a problem with your computer not remembering or accepting cookies from our website. Our website (or any website with a log in) gives your computer small bits of information as security tokens (cookies) that it is expected to show our website during any activity on here. Your computer is not remembering these cookies (or not accepting them in the first place) and not presenting them when our website requests them, so you are forced to login again. Usually, when this happens suddenly when before all was fine, something has updated, or a cookie has become corrupted.

Log out, check your internet browser settings, your antivirus, and your firewall to make sure that all are set to accept cookies from our site. Delete all cookies from your browser and empty your internet cache/temp files. Then, log back in and see if this resolves it.

I set my options to send me a Notification of when I receive a PM, but I never see one. Why is that?
Be sure you've set your options to have the PM's pop up when you receive one. Also, make sure you "allow" pop ups for The Mane Street site, as many pop up blockers will block all sites unless told otherwise.

I'm Having Problems With Another Member, Who Can I Turn To For Help?
If you need to discuss problems you are having with another member, or about a post or thread you feel is offensive or should not be on a public forum, please PM any of our Staff.

My problem isn't answered here, who do I contact for further help?
For problems, or questions about our forums, please contact The Administration.


Does The Mane Street Have Articles?
Yes we do, and you can view them by clicking the "Articles" link on our navigation bar, this will take you to the Articles Homepage where you can choose which author you would like to read or what subjects you wish to learn more about. From training, feeding and hoof care, to stable management, rare breeds and hooves, we have a wide variety of excellent authors who send in new content regularly.

Where Do You Get Your Authors From?
Most of our authors were asked specifically by our site owners to submit content based on their knowledge in each area. We are always looking to increase these areas of expertise with new authors and content.

I Know Someone Who Would Like To Write For The Mane Street, Who Do I Tell?
If you think you know someone, or your yourself would be interested in writing for us, please do contact  Laura Martlock  so that we can discuss in detail what you or they would like to offer our readers.

Can We Request An Article On A Topic We Think Should Be Covered?
Yes indeed. If there is a topic, or area of the equine business you feel we should be covering, or that you would like to cover, please do contact us, so we can discuss this with you in detail. Send your requests to Laura Martlock


To Fix 90% of Minor Web Site Problems, Can't Stay Logged In, Can't See My New Avatar, Slow Loading Times.
Clearing the Cache (Temporary Internet Files) in Internet Explorer

From the menu, click Tools --> Internet Options.

When the options window opens, in the middle, you will see a box named "Temporary Internet files" that has 3 buttons (Delete Cookies..., Delete Files..., Settings...). Click on "Delete Files...".

A new window will open, check the "Delete all offline content" box, and hit "OK".

If you haven't done it in a while (or ever) it will take a while, and may appear to be frozen. Rest assured, it is not frozen.

When it is done, click the "Settings..." button, and in the "Temporary Internet files folder" box, ensure that the "Amount of disk space to use:" is set to at least 200 MB. This will ensure that they don't "overflow" quickly.


How Do You Respond To An Ad, or Ask The Seller A Question
Threads in the Classified Ads sections cannot be replied to.  You will need to contact the seller directly.  If they did not leave any contact information, you may be out of luck, unless they've posted that information on another ad somewhere.  You can click on their name and see if they allow PMs or contact by email.

If I am a business, can I use your Classified Ads?
Businesses may NOT post in the PERSONAL classifieds.  However, once a Business has paid for ad space somewhere on TMS, or has paid for a short-term Business and Paid Classifieds listing, you are welcome to use the Business and Paid Classifieds for any classifieds ad, personal or business. 

How do you Place an Ad?
First, register or log in to our forums. Select  the section that best fits your ad description, type your ad and add any pictures then  scroll down to click the "Post Topic" button at the bottom of the page.

Can I Edit or Delete My Own Ads?
Yes, you can edit or even delete your classified ad any time you wish.

Can I Add a Picture After My Ad Has Been Posted?
Yes, pictures can be added anytime.


Does TMS have a classifieds section?
Yes we have a very busy classifieds section, It is located in the Forums.

Is There A Cost For Listing Private Classifieds, If So, Why?
Private text ads are free, however, if you meet any of our restrictions (found in the  The Mane Street  "Terms of Use"), you must either have purchased ad space somewhere on our site, or have paid for a short-term Business and Paid Classified listing.  The classifieds are very busy, as are our forums, therefore, the payment we receive from ads is used to off set the growing price of our web site hosting. By purchasing any form of advertising on The Mane Street you are assisting in supporting our web site and your community.

Does The Mane Street Have A Chat Room?
Yes, we have a chat room!  Click the "Chat Room" link at the top of the forums, under the banner.

How Do I Place a Business Ad on The Mane Street
From banner ads, to business listings in the classifieds, we can assist you in bringing attention to your business. Please visit our "Business Advertising" link above for details on pricing and such, or EMAIL US.   We will do our best to meet all of your advertising needs within your budget.

Does The Mane Street Do Web Design?
Yes, we can have a web site built for you.  The Mane Street's TechGuy  can help you will any size website as well as web hosting, registering domains, or any internet needs.  Email Mike Cermak, Jr at

What If I Am Having Computer Problems, or Technical Problems With The Mane Street Web Site?
If you are having computer problems that you don't understand in relation to our web site, please feel free to contact our webmaster via
e-mail at: Laura Martlock or  TechGuy


New FAQ's Will Be Added Each Week As We Come Across Them

If you have a question you need answered, or one you think should be on this list, please e-mail: Laura Martlock

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