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Driving For all those with carts, buggies and wagons, this is the place to discuss and ask questions about harnesses, vehicles, equipment and training your horse to drive.

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Default Harness Question

I am looking at purchasing an amish made biothane parade harness.

It comes with the option of side backer or belly backer. From the little bit of info that I could find on the internet, the belly backer is where the quarter straps from the britchen go under the belly and hook to the martingale or pole strap. The side backer is where the quarter straps some how go down the side of the horse straight to the pole.

I am just wondering if anyone can explain the side backer. How does it work? What are the pros and cons of both.
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The side backer goes from behind the trace on the trace buckle to the breeching D It works when the pole pushes forward on the pole straps which pull the collar then the side backers engage the breeching. Drafts use Belly straps light horses use side backers as far as I have seen.
Is that any help.
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One of the main reasons for the side backers(back in the day) was to get the 1/4 straps up from under the horse. With the side backers you don't have sweat dripping onto the straps, which if you were working your horse 5 days a week working up fields could be a lot of sweat.
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