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What are capped hocks? What do they look like? What are signs that a horse is going to have a problem with this? What causes it?
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Capped hocks are usually a cosmetic problem only. The point of the hock is enlarged, and sticks out the back, wiggles when the horse moves or if you touch it. They are not sore once set. It is a perminent thickening there. If still fresh, they may reduce over time, may even dissapear entirely if no further injury is dealt to that area. Causes are usually kicking the fence or wall (which can be a continual problem), or laying down on a hard surface without enough bedding. My foundered mare has one. She drives the point of her hock into the groud to lever herself up when she gets up from laying down. She has always had lots of bedding, but the torque and pressure that she exerts on the point of the hock has resulted in a cap. This is the least of her problems. LOL.
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