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Hunter Seat This forum is for those who ride and show Hunter Seat. Post your specific questions or concerns here.

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Old 02-04-2005 05:47 AM   #1
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Anyone know the website for Burnaby Equestrian centre
Looking for a horse to ride 1-2 days per week in Burnaby/N. Surrey/ west coquitlam[/COLOR]

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Burnaby doesnt have a web site at all. It is a co op and is run by the members. (I rode there for 13 years). There is no owner so its hard to contact anyone. If you want to ride there you have to become a member and the wait list is about 2-3 years for burnaby residents and slightly longer for non burnaby residents. If you need any more info on BEC/BHA let me know.
Hope that Helps
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Just to clarify what darqhorse said, it's not a 2-3 year wait for memberships, that is only if you are on the stall waiting list. The non-burnaby side of that is extremely long and unfortunetly it is rare a non-burnaby member will get a stall because they are in such high demand, like i said in another post you can pm me for more info as well.
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