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Will Clinging

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After completing his Diploma in Agriculture, Will Clinging worked for several years as a cowboy and then as a farrier. Will's experiences starting colts, attending clinics and working with many different horses led him to develop his own theories about training horses. He combines his theories with many well known Natural Horsemanship practices.

The foundation of a horse's training is a relationship of mutual respect -- the respect of the human for the horse and the respect of the horse for the human. This applies to starting colts, working with green horses and even putting an end to bad habits in an older horse.
Be assertive not aggressive.
Results through Respect involves learning to take advantage of the natural herd discipline that is instinctive to horses but not to humans. In the controlled environment of the round pen we can learn to read a horse's body language and use our mental and physical presence to earn the horse's respect.
Be consistent, quiet and confident.
Once a relationship of mutual respect is established the horse's attention will be focused on the handler. Now the horse is ready to learn.

Will's Articles

General Training Articles

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Will's Ask The Trainer Section

If you have a question for Will's "ASK THE TRAINER" section, simply e-mail it to: Laura Martlock  along with some background information on your horse and situation. Questions and answers will be posted along with new articles periodically.

Regarding These Articles
All articles are the property of Will Clinging and The Mane Street. If you wish to reproduce one or more for, please contact Will Clinging at Results Through Respect. for permission.

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