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Buz Riley

Our Resident Farrier and Hoof Expert

After graduating from the Montana State University Horse Shoeing School, I returned to my home in North Carolina to pursue a career as a farrier. During this time I was fortunate to meet and work with Les Ceney, one of the top gaited horse farriers in the country. His generosity in sharing the techniques used in this specialized field of farriery also afforded me the opportunity to further study the correlation between individual horses and how their way of going is influenced by the trim of the hoof. My practice included horses used for pleasure, performance, show and competition.

I consider treating horses with special needs, whether from accidental injury or willful neglect an opportunity to return a horse to a sound state as well as providing the individuals involved with the knowledge to prevent a reoccurrence.

Very early on I developed an affinity for working with young horses and to this day thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to train with them.

I now live in Montana and continue to take pleasure in the company of horses and the opportunity to work with them in all their farrier needs.

All articles by Buz Riley are his property, and his permission is required before they can be reproduced. Please contact Buz through is web site: Antelope Press and you can view his farrier section by clicking here.

Articles By Buz Riley

High Cost of Hoof Care
Like it or not, every time someone buys a horse, they automatically buy into the non-optional, cradle-to-grave, extended lifetime warranty hoof care program.
Winter Hoof Care
Caring for your horses feet in the winter weather
The Trim
The good, the Bad and the Ugly
A Basic Tool Kit

The tools you need for hoofcare at home.
Truth Be Told
Dealing with clients horses. A great reference for horse owners.
Forging On
One tool universally associated with a farrier is the forge. Whether creating a horseshoe from a piece of bar stock, drawing clips or hot fitting a shoe, the forge can be as important to the farrier as the horse is to the job.
The heels of a hoof seem to be one of the most problem prone areas of a horse's foot.
No Hoof No Horse
The universal saying and what it means.
What Not To Ask From Your Farrier
Suggestions for horse owners.
One Horse Four Hooves
Each hoof is different in size and shape and care?
On The Road Again
Traveling with horses and their feet.
Rules for Horses Feet
Rules for a horse owner / farrier relationship provide a degree of safety, comfort and order that makes the job easier for all.
Seasonal Changes To Hooves
How the weather changes your horses feet.
Spring Hoof Care
Preparing for the new season.

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