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Billie McNamara--Barrel Racing

Billie McNamara has been riding and competing in barrel racing events for 15 years, a member of several very competitive saddle clubs in Southern Georgia, along with the National Barrel Horse Association and Deep Dixie Association. She has won championships for Barrel Racing and Pole Bending four consecutive years at three saddle clubs along with saddles, blankets, buckles, and money from the saddle clubs, NBHA, and Deep Dixie Association, as well as Open Shows. While competing in the NBHA in Georgia, she qualified for the State Championships and World Championship show in the 1D and 2D divisions with her barrel horse, Thai.


Her philosophy is that in barrel racing, it isn't just about running fast, you need a solid foundation on your horse before adding speed. You do not need to rely on equipment to deal with a problem, but rather going back and fixing it. Not every barrel horse needs a barrel racing bit, less is more. Make a solid foundation now, so you don't have holes in your training later.


In addition to competing herself, she also helps other riders with their passion of barrel racing. She has trained several top NBHA horses and riders in the southern states. As well as coaching and training for barrel racing, she writes articles for a Maine magazine as well as several online magazines all designed around her successful training program. After moving to Maine from Georgia she offers coaching and training services and often does clinics for beginners and her favorite, Problem Solving clinics.

Billie’s clinics are based on the foundation of barrel racing and starting your horse out correctly. She takes time with each student to help them recognize their own and their horses abilities. Barrel racing is a fast sport that demands quick thinking, and a teacher to help you learn the correct rapid responses. As well at clinics for beginner riders, she does Problem Solving clinics for barrel racers that are stuck in a rut with an issue they have been having with their horse. From refusing the gate to cutting seconds off their runs, Billie can help other racers through their problems.

Billie offers coaching and training in barrel racing and information can be obtained from her at or her website,

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